The Latest and Best Sleeper Sofas

When considering your sleeper sofa purchase, there are two main characteristics that are most important: style and comfort. Whether you live in a tiny apartment and have limited floor space, or you’re getting a new piece of furniture for your home to go in an extra room for overnight guests, you’ll want the best sleeper sofa available that suits your tastes and room decor already in place.

1. Beauty


The sleeper sofa has come a long way, resembling expensive designer pieces and well-known name brands. A plethora of upholstery types range from light, bright and airy to heavy, subdued and traditional styles. Virtually any theme you desire is available at brick and mortar shops and online, where you can browse for hours in making your best choice. Plush leather and faux leather coverings lend a rich luxurious addition to any living room and go with any decor.

2. Durability


The best sleeper sofa is well constructed and provides more than one function. Comfortable seating for TV viewing, a place to gather the family, and a guest’s comfortable well-cushioned mattress that keeps its shape on appropriate support. A superior mattress will not lose its shape from being folded back and forth, transitioning from sofa to bed. Gone are the days of a cross-bar discomfort in the past sleeper sofa. There are also the sleeper sofa without any frame, with well-made thick cushions that slide out and use the floor for their support. This piece is superb for small rooms, and doubles as a sitting area for four or more people! You may want to choose one of the new sleeper sofas that have a built-in recliner.

3. Mattress Material and Size Variations


Sofa sleepers can come in slim twin-sized sleepers, averaging double-sized, up to large king-sized sleepers. Technological advances in materials and manufacturing have brought the prior thin mattress that was little more than a futon with squeaky spring support up to true bed comfort for a good night’s rest, night after night. Memory foam mattresses are the most comfortable and very affordable.

You may find it difficult to choose the best sleeper sofa for comfort, optically pleasing style, and value! There are literally thousands of unique examples online, some offering free shipping and set up, and the option to custom design an original of your very own.

Take your time in measuring your available space, positioning it to go with the furniture already in place. Choose the optimum cushion covering to please your taste and style of living, deciding between a chunky wooden-look, a light rattan accented sofa, beige or brown leather, hot pink cotton or an island flower design. Your perfect sleeper sofa is awaiting you now!


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