4 Handmade Easter Craft Ideas For Kids

Easter is round the corner and it is time to get the kids busy with some fun Easter crafts, to make the story of Christ’s death and resurrection memorable. There are millions of craft ideas around the Internet for you to adapt into your own Easter decoration. From wearable art to cute Easter chicks, from the timeless Easter egg to d├ęcor for your home that the children can have a hand in making, there are so many engaging choices for them to work on.

Here we have collected four clever and cute crafts for Easter that kids of all ages can easily create, with a little encouragement from you.

1. Toilet Roll Chick

easter crafts

This toilet paper chick craft will make sure your toddler can be a part of the Easter crafts-making without feeling left out too.

The things you need for the project are toilet rolls, orange card, yellow paper, decorative buttons, googly eyes and mini eggs. The craft involves some cutting and gluing, and shouldn’t take longer than twenty to thirty minutes. This is the ideal length of time for an activity before your tiny tot begins to get distracted! You can use the chick as an Easter egg holder for mini eggs or eggs that your kids make themselves.

2. Jelly Bean Bracelets

jelly bean bracelet craft

If your kids are at the age where they can be trusted with a needle and jelly beans (for long enough to finish the project!) then this Easter craft is for them. Jelly beans can make some colorful, festive jewelery when they are strung together with some stretch cord. All that your kids need to do is cut the elastic cord into six inch pieces, tie knots at one end, thread the cord and string their choice of jelly beans into the cord until the bracelet is of a desirable length. You can make single-string bracelets but they are a lot of fun when they go around the wrist thrice. Artzy Creations has the and other fun Easter crafts.

3. Egg Carton Wreath

Easter Wreath

This easy wreath is bright, vibrant, plenty of fun to make and incredibly easy. All you need is a couple of cardboard egg cartons, some craft paints, brushes, scissors, glue and eager kids. The project involves cutting cups from the cartons and painting them to look like flowers. Then you take a large piece of cardboard and cut it into a ring. Paint and paste some cardboard flowers and then paste the flowers on the ring. There is plenty of scope for your children to explore their creativity in this Easter crafts project.

4. Rustic Easter Wreath

rustic easter wreath

This lovely wreath by a creative blogger at Designed by Chance requires a glue gun, so it is ideally for older kids. But even your little ones can have fun making it under your supervision. This wreath has a rustic look, and starts with a basic wreath made of dry twigs and vines. You can have the kids collect the twigs themselves and help them with forming the ring. (http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Twig-Wreath) will help form the basic ring.

To make the design in the picture, you will also need some moss, eggs (from another project or Easter crafts stores), maybe a bird, some lace or anything else that you want in your rustic wreath.