Generally crosses have been known and used to represent Christianity, but this should not mean that if one is seeking to have a cross tattoo then they should be discouraged if in case they are not believers of Christ. This is because one can have a cross tattoo to symbolize whatever they want.

Cross tattoos are usually simple and their small size so that one can have them no one notices unless they show it. It is for this reason that cross tattoos are common among most men. Cross tattoos for men are available in different styles and one can have them depending on what they want to communicate. In here are a few cross tattoos for men and what they symbolize, that one can try out.

Celtic cross tattoos

This is the most aesthetic tattoo design of all time. It is usually used to symbolize one’s faith and their circle of life. If one wants to show much to do with life and what they have gone through, then this is the cross tattoo design one should go for. It has a ring at the knot interception which portrays the life circle message-that is the link between the spiritual and the physical life. It is one of the oldest tattoo designs which were used in Ireland and Scotland to symbolize Christianity and religion.

Religious cross tattoo

This cross tattoo basically communicates one’s Christian and religious belief. It is usually adorned with certain symbols such as water, thorns and angels to show the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They usually have a wooden feature and sometimes the image of Jesus himself. A true believer of Christ who wants to show it will go for this type of cross tattoo.

Gothic tattoos

This type of cross tattoo resembles the religious cross tattoo. The only difference is that they do not show any Christian or religious belief. This is because of the symbols they contain such as snakes and dragons. They are usually used to show anger and pain. Its origin is traced back to Germany and the Gothic culture, so one can even use it to represent that very culture.

Tribal Crosses

This type of cross tattoos usually symbolizes one’s tribe. They are usually black and can be complimented with other colors for a more beautiful effect. They trace their origin to the ancient tribes whereby men would decorate themselves in these tattoos to communicate what their tribes believe in.

Ankh Cross tattoos

This cross traces its origin from the ancient Egypt whereby it was placed in the Egyptian ancient temples to symbolize immortality, balance between life and death and also the union between man and woman. Basically this cross symbolizes life and one can have this tattoo today to for the belief that it grants one immortality and energy to whoever possesses it. It has a cross symbol at the bottom which symbolizes a man’s penis.


The above are the cross tattoos any man wishing to have a cross tattoo should look into. For more information visit: